Fri Aug 31st

11am  registration opens (—-Cash only for registration on-site—-)

1pm  2 point Minis (continuous), & Blitzes:       4-player brackets. (5 pts) ---available all four days

2pm  Masters/Limited ‘Early start’,                   3-rounds Friday

3pm  Seniors verses Youth  7pts continuous entry

6:30  Last Masters start, 3-rounds Fri.

7pm  Last Limited start, 3-rounds Fri.

8pm  Doubles start continuous entries 

11:45  No more matches started

Sat Sept 1st

10am FINAL registration for OPEN and ADV divisions

10:30  Public drawings both divisions

11am   Open 1st round of play

11:30  Advanced 1st round of play

1pm    Projected 2nd round

2pm    Novice Start

5 - 7    Dinner break

7pm  Play continues all divisions

11:45  No more matches started

Sun Sept 2nd

8:30am Free lecture by Art Benjamin on Handy Math Shortcuts in Backgammon.

10am  Play continues for all divisions

3pm    Final doubles registration

5-7    Dinner break

7pm  Play resumes

7pm  Blitzes/2 point minis/etc. continued

11:45 No more matches started

Mon Sept 3rd

10am   Play continues for all divisions

11am   Blitz Playoffs start

11:30  2 pt mini match finals

1pm   Jackpots $50, 100, 300 ..?

3pm   All events should be finished