-Open - Swiss:    Open to all players. All matches CLOCKED .  Swiss pairings will continue until there is only one player with fewer than 3 losses.

        $300 - 85% return - 9 point matches.

-Blitzes:   brackets of 4, winner gets $60 and garners a "playoff" spot for Monday.

         $40 - 80% return - 5 point matches.  $75 added money!

- Ted Chee Bounty 2 point mini match.   Continuous entry, $10 bounty for everyone beating Ted Chee;    $150 added money!

         $20 - 80% return - 2 point matches. 

Side Pools:  There are side pools available in the Masters Jackpot, Limited Jackpot, Open, and Advanced.  100% return going to the two players in each pool who go the furthest in the event (2/3 to 1st and 1/3 to 2nd).

-Doubles:   open to all players, brackets of 8 teams. All matches CLOCKED.

        $200 - 80% return - 7 point matches.

-Limited Jackpot: High equity, open to players not of high championship level, single elimination. 3 rounds on Friday. Each round is 7pts. Early start at 2pm, Late start at 7pm on Friday. 

       $200 - 85% return - 9 point matches.

-Masters “49er Gold Rush”:  High equity, single elimination, all matches CLOCKED, 3 rounds on Friday.  Early-START at 2pm, Late-START at 6:30pm on Friday.   

       $450 - 90% return - 11 point matches.

- Novice: Open to players with minimum skill level & tournament experience, plus approval of our eligibility committee. Register or call for approval.

         $40 - 100% return - 7 point matches.

- Older and wiser verses young guns:   2 brackets; born before 10/23/1952 (Old) and on or after (Young), continuous entry, 7-pt matches.  Finals will be between winners of both brackets.  $150 added money!

           $50 - 80% return - 7 point matches


The Silicon Valley Open is a BMAB-Partnered tournament. All reasonable accommodations will be made to allow BMAB applicants to set up recording equipment, and the Tournament Director will certify to BMAB that all matches were played and submitted in accordance with BMAB requirements. If you wish to make a BMAB submission of matches played at the Silicon Valley Openl, please notify  Ken Bame or Dmitriy Obukhov 48 hours in advance of the start of the tournament.

-Advanced - Swiss: Our middle division, No entrant will be allowed to play below his/her level.  Swiss pairings will continue until there is only one player with fewer than 3 losses.

        $150 - 80% return - 7 point matches.